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Gallery of Europe [Part 2]

Heidelberg, Neunschwanstein Castle, Salzburg, Berlin and Dresden

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Hey guys, welcome to Gallery of Europe Part 2 where this pretty much covers the best images of our time in Germany plus the Austrian city of Salzburg using my favourite HDR (high dynamic range) photo processing techniques and with a bit of black and white style.

So kicking off from where I last started, Heidelberg. Once you enter the old town Heidelberg instantly you can sense this place has a long rich history. Looking from the center in the old town you can see dense green bush in the hills towering peaks around Heidelberg and the ruins of the castle overlooking the town. Across the other side of the river is a different story where the natural landscape really stands out while walking the path of the old philosophers in the hills.

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Salzburg & Neunschwenstein Castle
Our visit to Neunschwenstein Castle began with a beautiful sunny day, perfect conditions for taking some high quality photos during our bike tour. From the image of the castle it makes you wonder how they managed to build such a large complex design on top of a steep mountain without using any machinery.

Our small day trip to Salzburg was what we needed for a different view from the other side of the alps.

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Berlin & Dresden
Our stay in both Berlin and Dresden (to a greater extent) was amazing with old style architecture everywhere for eyes look on especially considering the old town of Dresden was completely levelled during World War 2.

I have managed to fit in some graffiti art that was painted on the Berlin Wall including the most famous picture of the East Germany leader and Soviet leader of the time.

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I hope you enjoyed viewing some of the photos and also feel free to browse though any of my other photos on my Google+ page.

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