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Food Food Glorious Food! - Amsterdam

So much variety

Since arriving in Amsterdam we definitely saw a lot of variety and opposites in cuisine. There is cuisine from all over the world. The biggest noticeable thing was the amount of deep fried American food (and frites stores) and the amount of salad/smoothie organic stores in Amsterdam.
One of our first delights was an amazing hazelnut apple turnover muesli pastry from a local bakery. Bakery food in Amsterdam is more related to danishes and Stroopwafel (wafer thin waffles with syrup in between). It was amazing with its buttery goodness and warm apple filling.
We also discovered the market with its fresh strawberries (so sweet and delicious) and Waffles. Lewis was in love with these waffles (we ate a few). The reason it was so amazing was that the waffles were freshly baked (rather than just re-heated). Our favourite was a waffle covered in fresh strawberries and white chocolate sauce (with rice crisps in it).
We ate frites (as you have to in Amsterdam). They were rather good fries and the sauce was a great accompaniment. But so greasy.
On our way to our amazing bike tour we discovered dutch apple pie from Vlaamsch Broodhuys. It was amazing. Apple slices layered with cinnamon and sultanas with a short crust. It was great as it was not too sweet :D
We also discovered soup Enzo...and amazing soup and salad bar. There tomato and pesto soup with parmesan was decadent and just what we needed in the chill. There salads were also delicious. They had a huge variety (quinoa with avo and tomatoes, tabouleh, Moroccan rice, black beans with sweet peppers, fresh green, etc)
We also had amazing Thai from Bird. This was the best Thai I have ever had. It was exceptional and worth the price. The rule we learnt from our lovely hosts was to go to the snack-bar side as it is much cheaper than the restaurant. (If you want Thai in Amsterdam go here).
This morning for breakfast we searched for yoghurt barn. It was amazing. Unsweetened yoghurt with toppings (eg I had apricot, almond, chia seeds and honey). That with my champagne green tea was the perfect start to the day. Lewis had mango, brownie, walnut and passionfruit. This also looked amazing!
Lastly we tried Lombardo tonight and they had an exceptional pulled pork sandwich. The toasted spelt bread with the hot slow cooked pork in beer and a slightly smokey BBQ sauce with salad hit the spot. It was definitely a highlight.

With Amsterdam there has definitely been a two separate food options on offer, American- deep fried and organic homemade. I know we both preferred the later.

Onward to Germany for another food adventure :D

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