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The Saxon Jewel Box - Dresden

Our time in Dresden has been fairly short, like Heidelberg it is a rather small city for German standards. The place is amazing! The old town where our hotel is located it beautiful. Dresden has always been a well off and scholarly city. Unfortunately during the war it was bombed quite heavily and a lot of the buildings were destroyed. Dresden has also been our much needed R & R area. We are staying in Swissotel, an hotel that is one of the best in Germany. It is a beautiful hotel where we have a massive and beautiful room. Comfy beds, a pillow menu and a hot tube are all part of our beautiful area we stay in. We have spent quite a bit of time here as it is comfortable and homely.


We spent quite a bit of time just looking at the old town: the Zwinger and it's amazing statues and gardens;


Churches like Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) that have been restored in the 1990's


and Residenzschloss (which is massive in size) and is currently in the process of being restored due to the severe bombing of the area in WW2.


A lot of the buildings are blackened with pollution and grime...this tends to add to making them feeling old and more real...rather them being pristine and perfect and a replica of what was there in the time. The restoration work is a great thing as this area they are re-creating has a great feel about it. The buildings all have so much detail. Even the tiling on some of the buildings has a lot of detail as you can see! In Europe there seems to be horse and carts to take you around in many locations and immerse you into the olden times, Dresden is no exception.



While exploring the old city we found Cafe Schinkelwache. The cakes here were delicious. I had their signature cheesecake. It was light and fluffy and definitely not what I was expecting. The cake consisted of a sponge base with a layer or cheese then a fluffy meringue like topping with a slight hint of lemon. It was very eatable and I could have eaten more.



On our evening walk the city glowed beautifully. It was amazing to see the lights...Lewis should have some amazing shots on his camera (He will get around to putting them up eventually). Everything seems to look even more magical at night when it glows against the dark sky. I think the decrease of people at night helps with the magic feeling.


The evenings beauty and magic was added too by there being a brass quartet playing in one area and a opera trio in another as we walked home. The opera trio were amazing. We stood and listened to them for some time.


Today we have been inside the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Wing to see August the Strong's collection of Science Instruments from 1728. This was an awesome area where one of the kings had numerous machines made. We saw original time pieces and astronomy clocks.


The way these worked with all of there gears moving around to cause the dials to work to show where the planets were (one only rotated once every 27years). We also saw original sun dials and nocturnal clocks. These were amazing to look at and figure out how they made them. Our audioguide explaining everything helped with the significance and impressiveness of them.


We also went to the Gemäldegalerie Alter Meister (Master Art Gallery) to see some of the old art masterpieces. They were beautiful. Sadly we didn't have time to attend the opera tonight in the amazing opera house but it gives us a good reason to come back to this gorgeous area.

Tonight is our last night in luxury before we head off to the Czech Republic. Our first stop, Praha (Prague).


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