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December 2014

The Passion of Flamenco - Seville

Flamenco, Moorish Architecture, White Villages and a Massive Mushroom

We arrived in Seville after our second longest train ride yet... five and a half hours. The train was going 300km/hr and the towns and olive groves sped past.
The different types of terrain as we went through the country were interesting. I wasn't expecting Spain to be as dry and the terrain to nearly look desert like. We arrived to our beautiful apartment. It had everything we could possibly need. Evelyn, a fellow Whakatanian (I don't even know if this is a word!) is teaching English in a small town an hour from Seville and she came to spend the afternoon/evening with us and explore Seville.


We looked around the stunning area and managed to order tapas just before closing; meatballs with choko sauce, croquettes with ham, spinach and chickpeas and pork rice. They were all delicious. We topped that with a lovely red wine concoction called tinto de verano or summer wine. It's the local version of sangria. It was refreshing, delicious and my new favourite drink. All the major historic areas were closed by the time we finished our tapas and catch up. We explored the old town, avoiding the gypsies trying to put rosemary in our hands and then demanding cash. We ended up at Plaza Espana;


a beautiful area built for the expo in 1929. The area was beautiful, tiled mosaics everywhere, a pond where people rowed around. There was an awesome displays from each area around Andalusia. It was cool to explore.


That evening we went to find a flamenco bar . The one we wanted to go to was closed so we walked the streets in search of another bar. We found a club offering a show for €6. We hurried off for ham sandwiches before the show. The show was amazing! The dancers showed such passion and fierceness. I never realised that traditional flamenco wasn't a couple dance. Both had me mesmerised. The singers showed such sorrow and emotion in their voices. It was an amazing night. A true Spanish experience. Thanks Evie for spending the day with us. It was great to catch up.


The next day we were off to the white villages and Ronda on a day-tour. It was an excellent but full on day. We started with breakfast at a roadside store, fresh orange juice (Seville Oranges), with bread covered in tomato and olive oil ( a Spainish traditional food). Then it was off to a rather large white village. They use a lime wash to keep the houses white. It was originally to help with hygiene and heat during the plague. The view from by the church was at the tip of the hill was amazing. It looked out forever over the plains. The man had owls up to top. They were impress to see.


We stopped by at a nativity scene house in the village. The scenes were impressive and looked completely life-like but miniature (of course). After walking through the narrow streets. We headed to another village that had a magical water spring; The water is considered magical appears out of the spring at such a high altitude.


We continued through the national park with it's beautiful jagged hills. The views were amazing! We arrived at our final white town, our lunch town. We arrived to a massive band playing Grease in the square. It was a great welcome to this gorgeous town. The landscape around this village was rugged, rough terrain at its best. Lunch was a feast!! We started with tomato salad. Juicy tomatoes with salt, balsamic and olive oil, mushrooms cooked in honey with aioli, partridge croquettes, venison stew and goats cheese of the region.They were all amazing!! We topped it with desert, three chocolate pudding, egg yolk pudding with yoghurt and creme caramel with orange.


I was chocka after this feast and slept the whole way to our final stop on the tour, Ronda...I think I remember seeing cork trees before falling into my food coma. Ronda was old and beautiful. We missioned down the hill to see the famous bridge from below. It was beautiful! The sheer cliff faces and the waterfall in the middle were impressive. We stood and stared at this stunning view for a long time.


We had a quick glance at the bull fighting ring before the rain finally caught up with us and we headed home.
That evening we tried a local bar, there whiskey pork was delicious, tender pale fillets covered in a tangy oily whisky sauce. We also had a juicy pork, bacon and cheese sandwich. Delicious! The pork was just as tender and delicious as the one in the whisky sauce.


The next day we headed to the Alcazar, a palace still used by the Spanish royals. The palace was amazing especially with it's definite defined sections. You can see the Arab influence before the change to Christianity and with the different rulers.


The outside was just as impressive as the inside. There were stunning structured gardens and running water galore. A highlight of us discovering the palace was meeting a duck...this wasn't any duck. The duck had a vendetta against Lewis for him stepping on his turf. Lewis shoe was attacked and bitten numerous time by this duck. When Lewis shooed it away with his foot. His back up man, the peacock started heading our way also. It was hilarious to watch. I was in hysterics for a long time...it didn't help that I had cowboy music and the tumble weed images were running through my head. Lewis vows to go back to the palace to take on the duck again. Apparently he needs to show him who's boss in round two.

We headed off to an Arab bath for the avro. The place was beautiful with candles everywhere. The Arab bath in this case was 5 different pools, the hot, warm, cold, spa and sauna pools and you alternate between. We then topped that off with a heavenly massage. It was relaxing bliss. That night we found amazing deserts at another local restaurant. They were mouth-watering delicious. I had peach and vanilla with greek yoghurt mousse, biscuit cake and pistachio ice-cream. Lewis opted for chocolate souffle with strawberry sorbet and pear sauce.


Our final day in Sevilla was spent exploring the markets - one had just opened so I ended up with an vivid orange gerbera they were handing out. The markets were full of restaurant stalls selling amazing tapas. The smells were delicious. We played another exit strategy game that afternoon. It ended up being a mission to get to this game but it was awesome fun. I love the challenge of problem solving and finding the clues in the strategy games. We finished the day watching the sun go down on the giant mushroom building. The view was spectacular from the top.

One of my favourite things about Seville is how it constantly smells of oranges. Delicious! Every street was lined with orange trees. They are very proud of their orange reputation.


Seville was gorgeous. The white villages further out were stunning. They were amazing to see even when driving past along the roads; they glowed from a distance. It was our first touch of the Moorish influence in Spain and made me greedy to see more.

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